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Housing Support Services

Making Homelessness Rare, Brief and One Time...

ACHD supports families and individuals who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness in South King County. Our chief housing specialist, case managers and volunteers provide client centered services that are designed to meet the needs of our program participants. Our approach is to support participants develop a realistic plan, while at the same time removing barriers to long term housing. In addition, our staff also provides cultural counseling and legal referrals to support families and individuals experiencing legal barriers to housing. In 2019 ACHD successfully housed 178 families were evicted or lived in poor housing/substandard conditions. ACHD staff and case managers supports families through finding permanent housing and is continuously building landlord renter relationships. ACHD is connected with over 45 landlords in South King County and specializes in finding affordable, adequately sized homes. We provide continuous trainings and walk alongside each family we serve to prevent future homelessness. ACHD is aligned with King County's All Home Board's mission to make homelessness rare, brief and one time.

Basic Needs

Provide essential support services...

ACHD recognizes the significance of thriving community and the need for innovative solutions that can work on shifting the existing paradigm from isolation to becoming part of the greater whole. The availability of basic needs is very critical for the community we serve, parallel to that is our work to help the community exit poverty.  Our Basic Needs Program include:


Food, clothing, furniture, school supplies, winter coats, diapers, and everyday products like soap, shampoo and cleaning products.


Our essential supplies program meets the basic needs of families living on the economic edge. We partner with variety of agencies that support us with basic needs as well as other community organizations that serve people who are hungry, homeless, unemployed, or hit by unforeseen health issues.


Working in the community helps ACHD case managers better identify, assess, and connect families not only with basic needs, but to begin to coordinate action plans addressing money management, employment, and other essential life skills. ACHD case managers walk with the families as they move towards financial stability, housing stability, and making healthy choices.


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