Hamdi Abdulle

Executive Director

Hamdi Abdulle is the Executive Director of ACHD. She is former teacher graduated from Lafole school of teaching Somalia and later graduated from George Maison University Fairfax VA. Through her extensive career in community advocacy in South King County Hamdi enjoys respect from many influential community members throughout King County. She is a board member of All Home whose work includes making homelessness rare, brief, and one-time. She participated in One Table discussions and as standing member of the affordable Housing Task Force, she responsibly advocated for more support and more education to significantly impact homelessness in the African and Native community and the community of color at large. Ms. Abdulle has a history of being an effective and functional advocate in implementing systems and policy change for racial justice and equity. She is a member of the community Café Collaborative and has been facilitating meaningful community café conversations to help elevate community voices, ideas, and solutions. Hamdi strongly advocates for community-led initiatives where participants learn from each other, find and follow their own solutions, and identify best communication and learning methods that work for them. Her cultural and language skills and competencies have helped her build trust and investment within the communities she has served, and she continues to work with those communities to assist them in shaping their own future as well as being part of King Counties economic growth. Ms. Abdulle is poly-lingual and Multi-cultural and poet in her Somali language. Ms. Abdulle believes in informed community and informed systems.

Bilan Aden

Program Director

Bilan Aden has a decade of experience working at the intersection of youth development, civic engagement, and fund development. Ms. Aden has conducted trainings and presentations about family engagement, environmental education, healthy home, civics and advocacy. Her recent work in facilitating a Communities of Opportunity’s project around Economic Development Now! for the African Diaspora has received support and participation from 15 organizations led by black and brown leaders.With the Community Café Collaborative and Community Center for Education Results, funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Bilan facilitated the creation of a standard communication and advocacy plan for parents and schools across 7 school districts. In addition to building a strong partnership and sponsorship base for African Community & Housing Development,Bilan provides facilitation and program support forthe Somali Parent Education Board’s Transforming Partnerships in Education: Institute for Parents and Educators. Bilan holds a BA in Marketing from Seattle University and an MA in Education through the University of Washington. She also holds a graduate Certificate in Education for Environment and Communication from IslandWood,Family Engagement Certificate from Harvard University, and Washington P-3 Executive Leadership Certificate from University of Washington.

Aden Hussein

Chief Housing Specialist

Aden Hussein is ACHDs’ Chief Community Leader and a father of seven children. Aden has been working with the refugee and Immigrant community since 2007. He has a passion for building relationships between schools and parents. He is recognized for his tireless work in navigating school and housing systems. Aden understands the importance of community and systems connection and has positively impacted the lives of many African diaspora community members. Aden has also built relationships with mainstream agencies across King County to serve large refugee and immigrant families. Under Aden’s leadership, ACHD is proud to have strong relationship with over 45 Landlords and apartment complexes in King County. Aden is multilingual and provides services in client’s home language.  

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