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ACHD's newsletter, "What's New at ACHD?", provides up-to-date information on how we're serving the African Diaspora community. Stay tuned for inspiring stories, updates on ongoing projects, and opportunities for you to get involved!

February 2024 Newsletter

Happy Black History Month! As we settle into 2024, the African Community Housing & Development team extends heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support. Your dedication has played a crucial role in helping us achieve our mission to holistically promote prosperity for local African Diaspora communities.


On February 22nd, ACHD was honored to welcome former Councilmember and Black activist Larry Gossett to our SeaTac offices. In community, we celebrated Black History Month, Larry Gossett’s 79th Birthday, and the 2024 King County Larry Gossett Award (more on that below!).

During his visit, Councilmember Gossett spent time with our education students, telling stories and inspiring the kiddos. He encouraged our youth to dive into local Black history and get involved in making King County a more equitable place.

Amid these celebrations, our Marketing and Programs Coordinator Ekran, had the opportunity to sit down with Councilmember Gossett for an interview. Coupled with inspiring words for future generations, he peppered in incredible stories from his life and emphasized the importance of activism across multiple generations. His words remind us of King County’s 2024 Theme: passing the torch and continuing the journey.

As we explored his early leadership, Councilmember Gossett recounted his experiences as a Domestic Peace Corps Vista volunteer in Harlem. His time instilled in him a commitment to fighting disenfranchisement and empowering the Black community. Upon returning to Seattle, he joined S.N.C.C (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee) to promote positive change.

Reflecting on the 1960s, Councilmember Gossett noted the challenges that faced Black Washingtonians. He emphasized the racial restrictions that were embedded in housing deeds and covenants, revealing discriminatory practices in 27 neighborhoods. These inequities fueled his involvement in local movements and government. Councilmember Gossett’s career showcases his devotion to promoting equitable homeownership, a topic close to the heart of ACHD.

Councilmember Gossett also recalled how Reverend Samuel Barry McKinney was able to influence Martin Luther King Jr. to visit Seattle, King’s only visit to the area. We can only imagine the impact that hearing Dr. King speak would have made on a 1961 Seattle.

When asked about what aspects of his incredible career were most important to him the former Councilmember shared four: teaching African American History at Garfield High School, spearheading the official renaming of Martin Luther King County, and championing an ordinance that would increase King County's diversity. He was also recognized as the 'father of Sound Transit' for his role in advocating for the Sound Transit system. Any one of these achievements could solidify one’s place in the history books, but Larry Gossett is not a “one-hit-wonder” kind of man.

As the interview came to a close, Councilmember Gossett encouraged ACHD's youth to embrace learning, challenge societal wrongs, and collaborate for democratic communities. His presence and words mark a valuable contribution to ACHD history.

We, the team at ACHD, want to express our heartfelt gratitude to former Councilmember Larry Gossett for enriching our community during Black History Month and Martin Luther King County for decades. Councilmember Gossett’s wisdom and legacy continue to inspire positive change and will for many years to come.


Thank you, Councilmember Gossett.


Every day the team at ACHD is helping folks change their lives for the better. Changes are driven by the motivation of our community members; they are the change makers - we are proud to provide the foundation and pathways for making those changes. I'd like to take this opportunity to share *Yared's story with you all. Yared spent years navigating the complicated housing, employment, and legal systems - being met with barrier after barrier. After being referred to ACHD's programming, our experienced case managers took time to listen to Yared's needs and aspirations. Today, Yared's court fees have been paid, he is safely housed and is working two jobs to build a foundation of wealth for years to come. It is fulfilling to be trusted by community members like Yared. We are encouraged by stories like his and look forward to an abundance of success 2024.

*Name changed to protect the anonymity of the community member served.


In related and exciting news, ACHD President and Co-Founder Hamdi Abdulle was honored with the Larry Gossett Service Award at the King County Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration. This award recognizes and affirms an individual who has made significant contributions in the areas of racial equity, social justice, and human rights.

"I'm for change, and I'm for a change that is coming from community. Through my work I have learned that the root cause of poverty is the information gap. We have a lot to learn about the struggles of those who first landed in the United States as chained slaves. In King County, Larry Gossett kept the torch; he kept the dream alive, and it will be held high until we are able to dismantle the information gap." - Hamdi on receiving the Larry Gossett Service Award.

​Our commitment to our mission remains steadfast, and with your continued support, we are confident that 2024 will be a year of even greater accomplishments. Stay tuned for inspiring stories, updates on ongoing projects, and opportunities for you to get involved. Thank you for being an integral part of the ACHD community.

In Community,

Bilan Aden
Vice President | African Community Housing & Development

January 2024 Newsletter

Happy New Year! We look forward to engaging with you all over the next year and sharing stories of impact and exciting news.

On December 7th, ACHD hosted Launching the Journey Home, a special evening at Seattle's Columbia Tower. Surrounded by our friends, collaborators, and supporters, we celebrated the future of equitable homeownership and intergenerational wealth, as well as ACHD's 5th anniversary! We announced that, in partnership with Habitat for Humanity, we will be building 65 new affordable homeownership units. We also unveiled that, as of December 1st, ACHD had closed on a 2-acre site that will be home to the African Diaspora Cultural Anchor Village (ADCAV). The ADCAV will include over 100 affordable rental units as well as spaces for community to gather, find resources, learn, and live.

Huge thank you to our sponsors and everyone who helped make this event happen - and shoutout to our amazing guest speakers: City of Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell, Gordon McHenry Jr., and Lauren McGowan! Thank you for joining us on this special night for community.

We are thrilled to share that ACHD raised nearly $190,000 through this event and our end of the year fundraising - exceeding our goals! We thank each one of you for your generous support.

In Community,

Hamdi Abdulle

President & CEO | African Community Housing & Development

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