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July 2023 - Sharing a Story

2023 seems to be flying by and we're already over half-way through the year! African Community Housing & Development is working hard to ensure the African Diaspora families we support are served holistically across our three pillars of work: Housing & Social Services, Economic Development, and Education. This month I would like to highlight the amazing work done by our Workforce Development Program Manager, Amal Mohamed. With support from the Port of Seattle, Amal works to find community members a family wage and fulfilling career in Port-related industries such as construction, maritime, and green energy - and she does a phenomenal job! In the last year she helped 37 people find careers, a 100% success rate!

This year, Amal worked with Michael H. Michael was looking for a job that would not only put food on the table, but would provide him with community and fulfillment at the end of the day. After working with Amal to find a career, land an interview, and prep for that interview - he nailed it! Michael now works at the SeaTac airport and when asked what he likes the most about his new career he replied; "It's the people. The collaboration. We all work together."

We're so pleased to see stories like Michael's; his is only one of the many successes that exemplify not only our Workforce Development program but ACHD's approach to care for our community with wrap-around services.

In Community,

Hamdi Abdulle | Executive Director

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