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March 2024 - Celebrating Women

As Women's History Month comes to a close, we at African Community Housing & Development reflect on women's contributions throughout history and in our community. As a Black-women-led organization, we recognize women's invaluable role in shaping our society and driving change. Here are some brief profiles of incredible women, today and tomorrow.

ACHD's Marketing and Programs Coordinator, Ekran Jibril, sat down with Ethiopia Almneh, our Director of Housing & Social Services and local community icon, and students from ACHD's Outdoor Leaders education programming. Together, they reflected on the women who have impacted their lives, education, careers, and journeys.

Looking back at her extensive 26-year-long career in social services, Ethiopia shared the importance of bridging gaps that exist within immigrant and refugee communities. Driven by a passion for connecting individuals facing challenges to essential services, she has stood as a bridge bringing together community and access. Ethiopia emphasized her life philosophy, prioritizing service over leadership and personal opportunities.

Ethiopia went on to recount a touching story of assisting a woman to secure housing amidst adversity, highlighting women's resilience and strength. When asked what advice she could give to young women, Ethiopia emphasized the power rooted in persistence, faith, and servant leadership; she urges women to pursue their passion with unwavering determination.


High-school students and participants in ACHD's Outdoor Leaders program, Haset, Rebeka, and Sidona, offered their own unique perspectives and insights. The teens reflected on their experience in ACHD educational programming, sharing how inspiring it can be to learn new skills in an environment cultivated and led by women. 


ACHD is honored to have helped provide transformative experiences for women and girls. From the images of inspiring women that adorn the walls of ACHD's Learning Center to the women leading our organization and their surrounding communities, we amplify women's voices and empower tomorrow's leaders. 

In Community,

Hamdi Abdulle | President & CEO

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