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August 2022 - August is Black Philanthropy Month!

An example of what is in the free produce bags.

Things are heating up at ACHD! Our Delridge Farmers Market is entering the most abundant time of the year, so make sure to join us from 10am—2pm on August 13th and 27th to embrace the abundance! The market will still be offering free produce bags on a first-come, first-served basis, a program supported by your generosity.

Fun in the sun doesn't stop there! ACHD's Outdoor Explorers students have just wrapped up their introduction to the stunning environment of Washington. ACHD fosters a sense of belonging, stewardship, and curiosity in the African Diaspora youth we serve. This program has been a welcome opportunity to create happy memories in nature. Thank you for supporting ACHD's mission of promoting holistic prosperity for our African Diaspora community!

Some of our Outdoor Explorers embracing nature and staying hydrated while on their hike!

August is Black Philanthropy Month!

Black Philanthropy Month was launched in 2011 as a global celebration of African-descent giving and funding equity. Show your support for Black-led organizations like ACHD by donating today!

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