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As King County continuous to become more and more unaffordable to live, it’s imperative to support business and community leaders that are reflective of marginalized communities of color to advocate for opportunities for investments without displacement. Through data sharing, ACHD works with business and community leaders located in areas with high displacement risk, and low economic opportunity to mobilize and make informed decisions as to how they can participate in the economic development of their community. ACHD is working towards closing the information gap around home & community ownership by working with community organizations and community leaders. ACHD is shifting the paradigm and co-creating more multidimensional prospective to build authentic relationships that can manifest a positive shift through practice, training and dedication in an environment where all individuals can learn and build their intellectual capital, while achieving meaningful internal evolution geared to raise their consciousness.

Economic Development Now! 

The purpose of the learning circle is to strengthen collaboration and build leadership with individuals and community-based organizations serving black communities in the area of housing and economic development.


ACHD is a member of the Learning community; we bridge gaps in understanding Economic Development for black communities in King County. We are committed to work as a collaborative to create opportunities for our learning circle participants. Our facilitation is participant driven and promotes shared goals in a welcoming environment. We create informational “head, heart, & hand” learning experiences to produce community behavior change that is geared towards advancing community-based priorities.

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