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December 2022 - Join ACHD as we Feed our Neighbors

The end of the year brings time for reflection and gratitude for the last 12 months. As an organization that works towards holistic prosperity, we are aware of just how important access to healthy and culturally relevant food is.

I am reminded of a story from one of our Delridge Farmers Market guests - a woman with her children approached the market manager's booth to share her gratitude for the market. She expressed that while she was already signed up for SNAP/EBT food assistance, food stamps were simply not enough to get her family through the entire month. By coming to the market the last weekend of the month, she was able to purchase fresh and culturally relevant foods for her family with ACHD vouchers and bring home a bag of free produce. The market's offerings were a relief to her, a burden she could be alleviated of in the grand task of caring for her family. I am proud ACHD was able to support her, her family, and so many families like hers.

Everyone deserves to eat. There is no question about that. Donors like you have helped ACHD provide fresh produce to the families we serve, and I am so grateful for that support. Together, we will build food security for families throughout King County.

How can you support the building of Equitable Food Systems?

  1. Donate Today!

2. Sign Up to Volunteer at the Delridge Farmers Market

(coming back Summer 2023!)

If you've already donated your time and/or money this season, we thank you. Your support contributes to the well-being of African Diaspora families.

In Community,

Hamdi Abdulle

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