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Oct. 2022 - Developing a Prosperous Community!

ACHD staff member, Asad Abdi, chatting with King County Councilmember Dave Upthegrove at our Connector's Circle Event.

We hope you are enjoying the cool breezes and beautiful colors of fall! ACHD welcomed the new season with two exciting events in the last days of September - our Community Development Connector's Circle and our first Coffee in Community event. Thank you to those of you who joined us at these events!

At our Connector's Circle event, ACHD officially unveiled our three community development projects; I am thrilled to introduce you to our portfolio! First, is a vibrant market space for African Diaspora-owned small businesses, the Seattle Immigrant and Refugee Public Market. Second, is a project designed to improve access to affordable family-sized homeownership for the African Diaspora community, our Townhome Cooperative. And finally, our cultural hub for the African Diaspora community, the African Diaspora Cultural Anchor Village. All of our projects prioritize a prosperous African Diaspora community and are a direct response to the current and future needs of the community we serve.


If any of these projects spike curiosity or interest, I welcome you to reach out so we can chat more! If you respond to this email, we'll be in touch soon. We are so grateful for your support as we work and dream for prosperity for the African Diaspora community.

In Community,

Hamdi Abdulle | Executive Director

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